Emphasis of the program is to determine how eating a balanced diet contributes to increased athletic performance, aging gracefully, having more energy, losing weight without losing muscle or bone mass and improving cholesterol values (if applicable). You will learn nutrition education, recipe ideas, portion control and how to create a balanced diet and how to live a healthier life. You will also increase your Metabolism, which is affected by age, gender, body composition, hormones, medication, illness, level of activity, level of fitness, weight loss or gain, stress, and excessive caffeine.

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Cost: $245.00 (6 lectures)

Who is eligible:

  • Participants age 16 or older who need to lose 5 or more pounds
  • Willing to commit to a 6 week change of bad eating habits
  • Willing to commit to exercising during the study


To get more information or to register, please contact Carol at
telephone: (408) 867-2224 or e-mail:


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