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Carol Whitsett, R.D. Carol Whitsett, Registered Dietician

Ask anyone about their eating habits, or about weight loss and they will tell you they know what to do and what they should eat. Yet, 65% of our population are well fed but not well nourished. Most Americans are over weight, have low energy and other health concerns.

The answer to how to be nourished, to lose weight, to decrease the risk of cancer or other diseases, is to apply the correct nutritional principles that work for the individual. Every body is unique.

I feel my role as a dietitian is to educate clients on how to nourish their bodies and to help them apply the tools they learn to their lives. This is why I meet with them on an individual basis, and not just generalize for the masses. The program and goals are specific to each individual, and is not a "one size fits all" diet theory.

My goal is to help each client reach their goal and also to educate them on good nutrition as a way of life. Different fad diets will come and go, some with harmful side effects, but learning how to nourish the body will help everyone age more gracefully, help them feel more balanced and have more energy.

I received my BA and Masters in Nutrition at University of Wisconsin at Madison. To be Nationally Registered as a professional dietitian involved 5 years of college and interning in 5 different hospitals. I have been in private practice, providing medical nutritional counseling, for 21 years, working with a number of medical doctors in Wisconsin, Los Gatos, CA and Saratoga, CA.

Nancy Rollett, Nutrition Educator Nancy Rollett

I believe the center of all well-being is great health and I am passionate about nutrition and using it as a means to create a balanced and healthy lifestyle. I have teamed with Carol Whitsett, R.D. as a Nutrition Educator to combine our efforts to teach others about how to nourish themselves and their loved ones, achieve weight goals and use nutrition as a tool to help manage health issues.

I also practice Qigong Energetic Healing, Guided Imagery, HeartMath and I am skilled in energetic testing techniques. All of these tools can be used to enhance my nutrition practice. Additionally, I am a Patient Advocate for chronically ill patients. I received my BS in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing and Finance at the University of the Pacific. I am a Rutgers University Honors Scholar.

I have lived in Los Gatos, CA for more than 25 years and enjoy mountain biking, circuit training, skiing, composing music and trying new gourmet recipes.


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