I believe Nutri Challenge works by making small changes in your life each week. Nutri Challenge not only provides you with what to do but it also informs you on why you should do it. Knowing the science is a motivator! Carol has you walk away from class, excited to put into practice the tasks for the week, and every week you add to the list so you are not overwhelmed. Plus she has designed the program so you walk away with her whole lecture over the 6 weeks, and I still go back to it often as a refresher.
-Lisa S.

I highly recommend it!!! It is completely worth the expense of money and time. The class really teaches you about the basic parts of nutrition and you will be amazed at all the info (and delicious healthy recipes they provide). As part of the class, your metabolism is tested and that is great to know. You'll learn how to eat for your particular situation. Carol makes eating better fun without a fad diet plan that harms your body. Her nutritional and dietary info, sincerely want you to be successful and healthier.
-Sheridan G.

I am amazed at how much valuable information was packed into the first 6 hours. Learning 'why' we should eat a certain way was very motivating and the phasing in of new behaviors made it easy to actually incorporate the changes. It was an excellent investment of time and money.
- Carol R.

I had no idea I could learn so much and change my habits so easily in such a short time! Carol gives you a strong educational background and motivation for positive habits and nutritional change, and do it in a way that you do not feel you are sacrificing anything. She provide you with lessons and format assignments in ways that makes application of their methods exceptionally easy and graceful. Forget seeing dietary change as arduous and painful... they truly made it simple and effective and fun!
-Holly T.

The Nutri Challenge course has been an amazing opportunity for me. For years I've gone to weight loss centers, tried different programs, read all of the articles and watched all of the features on television that were connected to diet, exercise and weight loss, but this course has been the first experience I've had where people take the time to connect the myriad of puzzle pieces of information I've collected and helped me complete the puzzle to see the big picture. Although I am in the early stages of weight loss and have a significant amount of weight to lose, I believe for the first time in years that I WILL be successful and attain my goal of a healthy, active and trim lifestyle. I have hope!
-Pam C.

I had no idea my energy would increase which helped my job performance, and my athletic performance, just by the tips I learned with Carol's lectures.
-Dan C.

I brought my family to the class, so we all changed and have a healthy life style. Knowledge is power, and to this day, they understand why we have such wonderful family meals instead of fast food, etc. Carol taught us meals do not have to be labor intensive or expensive. It actually is less expensive to fuel your body correctly. We all enjoy dinner time now.
-Mary Z.


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